Closing my eyes and running my finger through all the photos on my phone, this is the one I landed on. I’d forgotten about his photo! It’s a good one, mainly because it’s just kind of, well, odd.

My colleague’s girlfriend who is the snappiest, most creative dresser and collector of all clothes vintage, wore this wool skirt to our annual Holiday bowling party last year. It’s not everyone who can pull off a skirt at the bowling alley, but she did it with style and some serious adorability.

I came straight from work at the gallery so I was wearing my grown-up clothes, in this case a vintage Evan Picone jacket (that has a matching skirt, but I can’t pull off bowling in a skirt) that she had helped me pick out the year before.

Someone was smart enough to capture the clashing plaids with tacky-colored bowling linoleum in the background. And while it looks like I am punching her in the left quadriceps, it is really a study of mutual affection. In plaid.