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This is my brain when thinking about things I can write about: a vast, empty, non-imaginative place, standing still and waiting for a camel. Or some water.

While we’re waiting, I’ll share with you a comment my co-worker made yesterday. He was talking about how he’s a bit reluctant to have children with his soon-to-be wife, but he will accept having just one. He said he would be a much better grandparent than a parent.

He added, “I keep trying to convince my girlfriend to adopt a pregnant 18 year old woman, so we can go straight into grand parenting and skip the whole raising a baby mess”.

Awesome!?  And that’s all I’ve got today, folks.

Miss MoL

PS: He was SORT of kidding.

PPS: Here is what I would LIKE my brain to look like (and why exactly this image popped into my mind first is beyond me – maybe because it’s lush and over-the-top Rococo with some lasciviousness implied? Of course. That’s it. Someone should probably take my laptop away now):

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste.