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Yeah, I’m going there. And I kind of hate myself for it, but what the hell.

It’s part of my job to keep tabs on popular culture. *

*Untrue statement.

I have heard so many comments tending toward the ridiculous about the book  FIFTY SHADES OF GREY that I haven’t been running out to buy a copy. However, I would like to throw my erotic hat into the ring of opinions surrounding this NY Times bestseller.

But wait, wasn’t Lauren Conrad (from The Hills TV reality crap show) also on the NY Times bestseller list now that she is an “author“? Why, yes. Yes she was. Do I someday want to be on that list in the company of LC from the Hills even though I look down from my haughty literary tower at her (and a few others)? HECK, YEAH I DO!

Back to my point. I work next door to a book store, so tonight on my way home I will purchase Fifty Shades of Grey and share with you, (you lucky, LUCKY, reader) my esteemed opinion of this latest phenomenon as I read it.

Dubbed “Mommy Porn” and credited with single handedly (no pun intended) raising stock in the sex toy market, what will this NY Times eff-ing Bestseller have to offer? I’m thinking it will land somewhere in between a bodice ripper and the Story of O that leans heavily on the page turning tactics of The Da Vinci Code.

Check back here to see if Grey can keep me up all night.

In the meantime, I could watch this Ellen clip (below) all day long.

Read on, ladies.

Miss MoL

PS: What does “Mommy Porn” even mean? What if you’re not a mommy? Does that mean “No porn for you?”.