** Wherein I randomly select an iPhone photo and share it here. Although, today I chose a pair.

Looking West.

Ahhh, this is a good photo. Good in the sense that it was a great day for the memory banks.

A thoughtful friend offered up an extra seat on a small (!!!) plane that would fly us out over the Channel to the Islands. Or rather, one island in particular – Santa Rosa.

It was like traveling back in time to a California untouched by those dastardly humans who seem to tread so heavily on the earth today. It was windy. It was warm. It was white sands and turquoise water akin to Hawaii and yet distinctly Californian.

Low vegetation afforded long views of hills layered in velvety gold grasses. And views across the way to neighboring Santa Cruz Island, hunkered on the near horizon.

When was the last time you walked onto a beach without one footprint already in the sand? If ever?

I still see these views of sand and sea, wind and time when I close my eyes at night, or when I just need a reference for peace and beauty.

Sullying the sand with my footprints. Camera looking East, me looking West. Photo courtesy of Nicole Strasburg.