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* My friend and I were talking “writing” yesterday; talking about how often we procrastinate, what inspires us, inner critics, etc. etc. He suggested a writing project as we sat and waited for the summer outdoor movie to start. Write three hundred words and have it on my desk by Tuesday. Pick any subject, he said. I stared down into my plastic cup of  Bourbon on the rocks and said, How about Bourbon? So there you have it. Also, apparently June 14th is National Bourbon Day and I missed it. Will celebrate tonight instead.

Smell triggers memory more often than not, so it pays to be careful about what one is smelling when. No matter how romantic your Italian villa is, if it smells like old socks find another villa or be subjected to recalling your dreamy getaway only when you are washing a load of gym clothes. And while that memory may take you back to a (hopefully) sexy rendezvous, do you really want the aroma of sweat crusted cotton to be the trigger? I should think not.

Caramel colored Bourbon, in particular Maker’s Mark, has a distinct aroma; thick and warm, like heady candy. It slides over tongue and teeth satisfyingly rich, and substantial, more of a bite than a sip. By nature of its color it should evoke walnut paneled libraries, warm fires and drying tweed after the hunt. For me, however, it is a summer reminder;  bare feet on a patio still warm from midday, one of those iron patio chairs that rocks when you lean back, setting a rhythm to the early evening; a big green umbrella, a territorial hummingbird in a flowering bush, and a welcome breeze that ruffles the pages of a nearby magazine. Ice melts and clinks in the glass, fingers stroke through the tumbler’s condensation and, on an inhale, nose, mouth, and brain are infused with a memory of Love triggered by Bourbon that always returns right about this time of year.

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Also, this post isn’t really about Bourbon, it’s more about olfactory triggered memory. But whatever.