Path to everywhere.

Today I went to a Farm/Ranch that some friends of mine just purchased. They will be producing goat cheese, avocados, apples, walnuts, and persimmons along with a full garden/produce section. I think my grocery bill just dropped by hundreds of dollars – that is if I can do in the future what I did today, which was pick bags full of avocados and apples. When was the last time you picked a warm, green apple off of a tree and thought, I’m going to make a really delicious pie with this?

I was embarrassed at one point as I was exclaiming about the beauty of seeing actual apples on a tree.

Apple heaven.

But really, how often does anyone in urban life get to see that?


Even with the plethora of farmer’s markets and everything being “green” in the city it is not often one gets down to the source. And it was splendid. An ocean breeze moving through the avocado trees in waves, hot sun baking the path below us, the feel of a walnut in my hand while it is still in its green case, the shape of persimmon tree leaves –

Persimmons and leaves.

such a shape! Large, double-crescent, shade giving leaves. Who knew? Not me, that’s for sure. Actually, I knew but had forgotten.

Green avocado gold.

Anyway, it was a perfect reminder of how far I (or anyone) can get from the source of things at times; the source of everything, not just food, but life. And love. Today was a perfect reminder to get back to that source.

Picking Avos in a dress.