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Sonoma tree, October 2011

Fall has never been my favorite season. I KNOW! Crazy, right? Maybe it’s because I grew up in a part of California with more palm trees than deciduous trees, or maybe it’s because it signals the end of Summer (my favorite season) and the beginning of changing light, longer shadows, and shorter days that can have a tendency to invite melancholy into my life.

In the last few years, Fall has been gaining in my popularity ranking. Maybe it’s because I see it now as a gateway to Winter (my second favorite season) rather than the end of Summer, and have begun to enjoy the changing light, longer shadows and shorter days that now ignite a sense of calm rather than melancholy. Autumn light is pretty special and often magical. Whatever the reason, on this first day of Fall 2012, I’m going to buy a new sweater, think about what kind of soup I can make, dream of Thanksgiving in a place where the trees are on fire, and generally bask in the light of the present moment.

The last two years have been rough; delving into dark places, searching, learning, hibernating, and untangling myself from myself. But now, in this year, at the onset of this Fall, I feel renewed, free, happy, and finished with being sequestered in the past. So, while today is the first day of Fall, it feels a whole lot more like Spring.

Cheers to that!

Miss MoL