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Magic Fountain

Wow. Serious stagnation here on this blog. The writing has just not been happening anywhere in my life lately and it shows on this blog. The irony is that there is so much new fodder for words! So many fertile fields of paragraphs waiting to be crafted into compelling, life-changing wordiness worthy of literary prizes and possibly small kingdoms as gifts of thanks for such brilliance. But alas, the words do not come at this point, so I wait while collecting thoughts and images in my head. And I write posts like this just to break up the stagnation of my poor neglected blog.

You may ask, “What have you been doing if you have not been writing?” And that’s a good question with a very long answer.

In a nutshell, I have been working a LOT and enjoying some other things that are not unlike sinking into a fragrant, steaming tub of bubbles after walking five miles in the freezing rain. Things not unlike magic fountains that offer diamond cool drops that drip into the ocean right before your eyes. Not unlike ocean sunsets that last for hours and mesmerize you with subtle changes in color, every second a new configuration of cloud and breeze that winds its way into your room and ruffles the white sheets as you sleep. Things that are not unlike chocolate in the morning and dolphins in the afternoon. Things that are not unlike looking into an Alpine lake and realizing you can see deeper than you thought and that the gaze being returned is warm and welcoming. Things that are not unlike the Nutcracker paying you a night time visit and waking to find you are finally opened, raw as the walnut from your Christmas stocking.

So, yeah. Little things like that. And you?

Here we go into the holidays! Hurrah!

Cheers to you, readers,

Miss MoL