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Like Valentine’s Day, I am hesitant to give speak of what is expected (Thanksgiving, being the day in question today) on the actual day because shouldn’t EVERY DAY be Valentine’s day and EVERY DAY be Thanksgiving? Yes, it should. And I try to make it be that way, honestly. But since it’s Thanksgiving, why not acknowledge the Thanks and the Giving just because? So here it is.

Foremost in my mind tonight- I am thankful for my youngest sister. She is a bad-ass- beauty of a girl who is not afraid of anything and is about to take on the world from a new and sharp perspective and I hope the world is ready for that jelly(?). Because of her the world may shift on its axis a bit in the next few months. Be prepared. She may either exacerbate or cure global warming.

Second: I am grateful for the men in my life; the ones I work with every day. The men I spend more time with than anyone else throughout the year. They are gentlemen, they are scoundrels, they are a pain in the ass, they are my brothers, they love me, they bring me flowers(!), they get me. Thanks, Guys.

Third; I am grateful for my family. Unwavering. Supportive no matter what. Sometimes it takes a circuitous route to get there, but we always end up back together laughing and better for the journey. Right? Riiiiiight????

I am most thankful for my singular offspring. Kind, loving, giving, peaceful, visionary, ambitious, inspirational, delight-full, woman that I get to be related to by some crazy/perfect stork mix-up.

And tonight, as I enjoy this present moment of, well, the PRESENT, I can’t help but be grateful for the PAST and the wrong road taken, the ridiculous mistakes that were made with such conviction, the unconscious acts of kindness, knee-jerk reactions of the heart. The wrong choices, the right choices, the just plain bad choices, the clear and shining brilliant choices. All of which got me here, right now, today. And boy. This is good stuff. Thanks to the past, and in particular the people who brought me here. Thank you; AB, MF, JF, RLL, LVBT, JP, PB, Sass, BDE, AE. And a special thanks to GK, who gets to reap the rewards of the present and the past, as he should.

So. Thanksgiving. I’m giving it. Are you?

Happy Turkey Day,

Miss MoL