Alice Bradley, a writer (and painter) I admire for her simple style laced with (actually humorous!) humor, is the leader of the pack for a group of writers who want to practice The Practice of Writing. I am one of those writers and if this is a class, then I have failed miserably.

The assignment is simple: write for 15 minutes a day using one of the prompts Alice gives after making us all feel better about not writing as much as we should want to write with a mini essay describing her own and very human experiences as a writer. FIFTEEN minutes! That’s it. Right.

Calendar challenged gal that I can be, this course coincided with a romantic romp to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai for ten days. The ocean view from our condo trumped anything that could possibly be happening in computer land, and yet, I stoically completed most of the first week’s assignments. Okay, maybe three. But seriously! A new and delicious romance, warm trade winds blowing across the patio that made one want to shed as much clothing as possible, whales breeching off shore, pink cocktails, turquoise water, and did I mention the delicious romance part? The idea of tearing myself away from all of that and sitting solo in front of my lap top was really not appealing. Can you blame me?

So, yeah. I have failed the Practice of Writing course. I’m sure someone will say, “You can’t fail at this course” or “There is no failing in writing – only learning!” or “There’s no crying in baseball writing!” (which everyone who has ever written anything knows isn’t true). There are a few days left in this course, so I will soldier on now that I am home and the delicious distractions of last week are now at arms length rather than in steamy proximity to…  sorry got a little distracted again.

I will complete the last few assignments with gusto. And, Alice, if you are grading us, you can give me a C+ for effort and I will be fine with that.

Write on and Aloha,

Miss MoL

PS: If anyone is grading this blog post on proper punctuation (read: quote marks and commas) stop grading now. I realize it’s a mess, but I have to go to work now and can’t fine tune it.