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This photo has to do with the Valentine portion of this post, not the banal portion. I heart this photo.

In the past two weeks I have written three potential blog posts. After writing, rewriting, editing and rewriting some more, I was disgusted with the lack of creativity, interesting thoughts, and self-serving confessional crap that was the end result of each, that I haven’t posted any. And won’t.

I’d really like to get away from writing about myself whether it’s PMS, tapeworms ( wrote 1,000 words about a fictional tapeworm that resides in my gut!!??!!), what I’m feeling, or banal stuff like the challenge of changing the wiper blades on my car. I’d like to post about things that are important and relevant and might make someone think a new way about something. Anything! I keep thinking that one day all the self-confessions and banality will run out if I keep writing about them and then the important stuff will show up. That hasn’t happened yet. And maybe, for me, what is banal is actually important to write about. That’s not to say that I think I’m banal and unimportant, but maybe it’s the exploration of those parts of my life that are fuel for the end result of something great. Whatever the reasoning, it’s what I’ve got so I’ll use it.

On another note, today is VALENTINE’S DAY! I love this day and choose to celebrate it regardless of relationship status. It’s a day for loving, not just your sweetheart, but your family and friends. It’s sappy and sweet and you can make of it what you will, so I choose to make it special and not see it as the ONLY day to celebrate love, but yet ANOTHER day to recognize love in all its forms. It’s a day when most of the world is celebrating love and if we’re all thinking about love, then our collective consciousness is surrounding the globe with a big red heart. And there’s nothing banal about that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!