Recent trip, 2013

The first thing that kept me from writing every day. Hawaii, January, 2013.

THE END PART: Over at Finslippy, Alice Bradley occasionally hosts a Practice of Writing course online. Yesterday was the last day of the most recent course, in which I “participated”. Basically, I sucked (suck?) at The Practice of Writing, the gist of which means (in the case of this particular course) writing for only fifteen minutes a day for five weeks. I did get some time in for writing, made a few new blog posts, and jotted down some new story ideas which for me is a HUGE thing. So maybe I aced the course in my own particular way, but the thing about writing right now for me is this: there is so MUCH to be seen and done and lived right now away from the computer that the idea of sequestering myself for even fifteen minutes sounds intolerable.

There's a lot of world to see out there.

There’s a lot of world to see out there.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, except of course if I really want to write a book (which I WILL, just you watch me) I’m going to have to sequester myself for quite some time. But right now, life is calling me pretty hard and I am answering by soaking it all in. Eventually, I’m sure it will all flow out into a glossy hard bound book, available at your local bookstore and for $6.99 on Amazon with an audio version read by Jodi Foster and the movie rights optioned by Sophia Coppola after a bidding war amongst the giants of the film industry.

THE BEGINNING PART: That said, I have decided to commit to posting much more frequently on this blog to continue The Practice of Writing in my own way. I’ll try not to subject you to too much banality (that word seems stuck in my immediate vocabulary recall) and perk things up with photos and maybe some videos that don’t involve kittens cutely napping. Although, come on! Who doesn’t love those?

Write on,

Miss MoL