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Self portrait with goldfish. Las Vegas.

Self portrait with goldfish. Las Vegas, 2013.


I took every effort not to make this a “I NEVER POST ON MY BLOG ANYMORE, I’M SORRRRRRYYYYY” post, but what can I say. It is what it is. And I’m sorry. Strangely enough, I have a lot of blog ideas floating around in my head and I get ready to write one and then something will happen such as reading about the horrific tar sands spill in Arkansas, rampant political corruption, the certainty of global warming that will bring (is bringing) on an environmental apocalypse, very real and present dangers like the one in Boston, and I think Why bother posting anything? What’s the point? It’s so unimportant in the face of all of this global negativity.

Also, I will read books and articles of award winning writing that shush my creative mind with a You will never, ever write like these people so why bother? And that blog post? It’s crap. Even if you remotely approach writing greatness, the global apocalypse will incinerate all paper books and kill all power sources, so unless all Kindles are solar charged, no one will be able to read it anyway. And that’s assuming the sun is still able to shine after the apocalypse. So why bother? Really.

(Obviously, I need to limit my daily news reading to Kardashian related items only)

I like writing words here and placing them with pictures. I like the idea of putting things out into cyberspace in all of their banal glory just for the hell of it; it’s akin to shoving a happy, yellow bird-ling out of the nest to see where it will go.  And there are a thousand beautiful things I could be writing about that are real and true – just as real and true as dystopian earthscapes with little sun and lots of zombies who have eaten all the happy yellow bird-lings.

Things like: BABIES being born before the end of the year, WEDDINGS, new LOVE, mature LOVE, SPRING, FAMILY, FRIENDS, MOVIES and BOOKS and MUSIC reviews, KITTENS, TRAVEL stories, and on and on right up to the crazy SEUSSICAL FLOWERS growing out of the gifted succulent on my front porch. Good stuff!

Maybe now that I have written this much, it will open the doors to writing more. Maybe I had to get this off my chest – this dark cloud of worry about the future – so that I can focus on this most beautiful and magical present. Because, my goodness, there is a lot of goodness out there and I for one want to soak it up until the sun don’t shine.