There are a few writing assignments in my immediate future, one of which is a huge project that will end with my name on the spine of a hardcover book if we can hurdle a whole lotta “if’s” that are to come; IF the book gets funded, IF I can cast a Jedi Mind trick upon the powers involved to see me as a legitimate writer person,  IF I can remember how to write…

That’s a lot of ‘IF’s”.

Lately, life itself has been so satisfying and rich that, afraid of what I might miss, I am loathe to sequester myself in a room alone with my laptop. Weeks of no writing are now starting to accumulate into months of no writing and it’s beginning to show. At work, one of my assignments is to write essays and press releases for upcoming exhibitions. Some come easily (particularly if I connect with the work itself), but with others every hard-won word typed is a strain on all my faculties, both mental and physical, which then spirals into emotional stress and self-loathing. Ugh.

broken piano keys

I know practice is key in most things. There is one Mozart piece on the piano that I play infinitely better if I have done even a few minutes of scales prior to butchering it, so I figured I’d better get busy writing and what better place than this blog. Unfortunately, that means you all get to read the equivalent of a G Scale on repeat for infinity, which I understand is not very satisfying or even enjoyable. However, at the end of this practice (and if all the IF’s fall into place) will be a big fat book. With glossy pictures! I’ll be sure to share it here. After all, if you suffer through the scales, you should at least get to indulge in a bit of the symphony.


Write on!