My brain is experiencing a terrible drought. Let’s blame it on global warming and Fukushima’s radioactive fallout. This drought is so dusty I can’t even think of a clever blog title, nor can I come up with any quippy status updates for Facebook either for my personal page or our business page. Thank God I don’t Twitter (Tweet, WHATEVER!) or I would have another media outlet wagging it’s shaming finger at me.

On a side note, really quick, I looked at my “Most Used Emoticons” screen today and thought, “What do these little icons say about me and my state of mind or general psychotic state?” And then I thought that was looking way too deeply into a shallow little Emoji-san. But here is a photo of my most-used screen for you to decode. If you see anything alarming, please keep it to yourself let me know.


The other day, here within my radioactive, globally-warmed drought brain I decided to make a list of things I could write about, but am so depleted the list was all I could write. For lack of being able to expand said list into actual blog posts (at least for now) I thought I would just post the thing as it reads on the rumpled post-it note that I just found stuck to the bottom of my purse. As follows:

Possible Future Blog Posts List:

1. BBQ/Matches

2. Aging – wax paper

3. Fukushima

4. Politics

5. Moving

6. CAT

7. Women in Art – Lack of

8. Gluten

9. Thoughts/Weight

10. Bridal shower speech

11. 30 Minutes of Yoga

That is one exciting list, right? I’m not really sure about the “Aging – wax paper” item. What does that even mean??

In other news, here’s what I bought on the internet today, but not for me. Obviously. Ridiculously adorable, right?? Right.


Here is one of my favorite photos ever, taken at a dive bar a couple of weeks ago whilst slow dancing 8th grade style with my dreamy man. Sigh. We were the only one’s on the dance floor, for real. Usually when we’re together I feel like we’re the only ones in the room, but this time it was sort of true. Awwww, shucks.

photo 2

And here is my cat, Carlos.


That’s all I’ve got, folks, until we get some rain in this Grapes of Wrath dustbowl of a brain. Have a great weekend!