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The shallowness of my thoughts appalls me at times. There are many deep and important things to be mulling over, such as potential U.S. government shutdown, the plot and format of a pending story, why no one is currently buying paintings in the gallery, etc. Serious stuff! Instead of pondering a five year professional plan complete with milestone achievements, while simultaneously understanding everything about what’s going on in Syria, I’m finding my thoughts darting with hummingbird speed to clothes and shoes, clothes and shoes, clothes and shoes.

This happens with an accelerated frequency bordering on obsession when there is an event or the possibility of travel coming up on my calendar. In a week I’ll be traveling to Chicago (for fun) and then on to Washington DC (for work, but fun work.) The first thought I have when faced with these types of events is “What am I going to wear?”. Which inevitably leads to “I have nothing to wear” and slides on home to “I guess I need to buy something new to wear”. Of course, I have plenty of things in my closet that are appropriate for this trip, but it’s the fantasy of it all that makes me think of new clothes. I’m thinking Fall in Chicago, which must mean boots, jeans, sweaters and scarves; all of which I own, but none of which fit into this particular fantasy. The weather is not cooperating with my fantasy, however. It’s still summer in both cities with temperatures in the 80s and 90s.

Sometimes the fantasy purchase is a spot on purchase and can be worn for years, justifying the cost. Other times, the item will languish in the closet for years having been only good for that one event. We all have items in our closet (I’m guessing) that were purchased for some fantasy or another. There is a gorgeous vintage dress in my closet that is about an inch too small in the waist, but I can’t get rid of it because I still have a picture in my head of what the scenario will look like when I’m wearing it (not to mention holding on to the fantasy that I will actually lose that inch around my waist-line to fit into it, which is a WHOLE OTHER fantasy topic).

Mixed in with the buying of clothes to fulfill a fantasy is the retail therapy effect; it DOES feel good to buy something new, it feels even better to wear something new (especially if that something new fits properly around the aforementioned waistline). Am I right? While I have four pairs of lovely boots in my closet, none of them are the right boots for my Chicago fall fantasy, so I purchased some new ones, city summer temperatures be damned. They arrive in a few days. Hopefully, they will fulfill the fantasy and become a well worn staple in my closet.

My mind takes a moment to register the self indulgent, unnecessary consumerism of this purchase and then it’s off to visualize a dress to wear to dinner on Saturday night (the black one or the red one? And, my God, which shoes??); a dinner at which I’m sure we’ll be discussing Quantum Physics, so best check Amazon for a copy of Physics for Dummies to add to my shopping cart of shoes.