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Dear Elizabeth Gilbert,

Yeah, I’m a fan. Our new-found “friendship” on Facebook is fun and easy. Your posts are bright and cheerful, inspirational and positive.  I’m glad we’re cyber pals.

Your newest book THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS is exactly what I love in a good story; one that takes me away from this present world and, in this case, into the world of an intelligent woman from another century who is knowledgable about something I know nothing about. The escape factor of this book is off the charts (and I’m only on page 72).

This book pushed me to schedule a time to sit and read on my balcony last night with a glass of wine and a cat on my lap to savor each actual paper page. This book put me in my bed earlier than usual along with the same cat and a faux fur blanket to log in another hour of reading before sleep. This book has scrubbed my brain clean of images of over-sexualized young girls with their tongues hanging out (see previous post, or NOT) and replaced them with images of tall ships, exotic plants and fancy dressed party goers forming the design of the solar system on the lawn in the moonlight (I LOVED that whole scene. Beautiful!) But mainly, this book has made me want to read more and write again.

I was pondering how I would describe this book and why, when I’m reading it, I have a smile on my face; here is the first description that popped into my head:

It reads like a bright creek full of recent snow melt, rushing under the sunlight in a definite direction, but with an unknown destination. 

As I mentioned on Facebook, this book is a good read of history, her-story and just good story. Well, done Liz. And THANK YOU!