OLY137-THE+PERFECT+10Do you have those days or weeks when the same ideas keep popping up in front of you? Sometimes it’s just as unusual word that keeps inserting itself into random conversations with others. Sometimes it’s a whole phrase, sometimes a person or experience.

Two things have been throwing themselves in front of me in the last month; first the phrase, IF YOU WANT TO GET TO SOMEPLACE DIFFERENT THEN YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Secondly –  a person named JENNY who runs a fitness program in town.

I do want to get somewhere different primarily in the personal fitness department. And this lady named Jenny would seem to be the person to do it and do it differently than I have in the past, so I signed up to take her classes for 6 weeks. At the risk of turning this blog into a record of my fitness experience, which is kind of over-done, slightly boring, and totally self-indulgent, I’m going to have to say SUCK IT, blogoshpere. It’s important for me to write about this experience to keep myself accountable and also, to map the journey for my own curiosity. If you don’t want to read about it, I DON’T BLAME YOU! But rather than write in a regular journal, I thought I’d re-charge my cob-webbed blog and just put it all out there.

There’s a big birthday in my not so distant future and in the last few months I decided that rather than stroll across the line of demarcation from one decade to the next complaining of the pain in my knee and diminished energy level, I want to sprint across that line taking on whatever comes next while moving forward, swiftly and with strength.

They say the portions of a workout you dislike the most are the ones you need to DO the most. What do I dislike? LUNGES. I mean, does anyone really like them? I find them incredibly difficult and there is SO MUCH BURNING in the thighs. Dear God, the burning. Strangely enough (or not, really), my lower body used to be much stronger than my upper body. My legs used to be locomotives. My teenage-self goal was to have thighs like awesome-sauce gymnast, Nadia Comaneci (yes, I am dating myself there). But used to be’s don’t count any more (name that lyric), so I will take on the lunges with the goal of having NOT perfect-tenOlympicgymnast-with-the-power-of-a-locomotive-thighs, but maybe the thighs of a fit-ish nice lady powered by a Vespa.

I’m currently on day 2 of this program with only(!) six more weeks to go. But I have to say, this morning I was doing sprints on the tread mill (one minute sprint, 10 seconds rest and repeat) and that glorious endorphin drug I remember from my days of running many miles at a time kicked in and I was smiling. Sweating, tomato red in the face, workout clothes straining to contain the jiggly bits, but smiling. It felt really f-ing good. It felt familiar and yet… different.

Lunge on, my friends.