About MoL.

Blogging without a GPS since 2010.

Hello and welcome to The Middle of Life.

The title for this blog dawned on me one day when Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame for those of you out of the British Comedic loop) walked into the gallery in which I work. His presence spurred a memory – the point in the middle of the Monty Python film The Meaning of Life when it is announced in a booming voice, “Welcome to the Middle of the Film” followed by a big song and dance number, which is EXACTLY like my own life.

I make my living as an art dealer and dabble in writing (which amounts more to berating myself for NOT writing than actually writing). The goal for 2019 is to complete one of my novels and get it into someone’s hands. Anyone’s hands. Your hands, maybe?

Thanks for reading!


PS: The picture above is super old. From 2010 maybe? But my hair looks so good and will never look that good again, so I’m leaving it. #vanity

© Susan Bush 2019

5 thoughts on “About MoL.”

  1. Hey, welcome to the blog world! It looks great and the content is fab. Love the ocean pictures. Keep those coming! You live in such a unique place and have such a unique job–will be fun tuning in!
    aka Spamhead

  2. Hey pretty auntie! Love what you’re doing, and love you! yay ocean

  3. Miss Miss said:

    I love and adore you and your blog!

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